These selfie apps for Android record audio and infect you with adware

The cybersecurity company Wandera has detected in Google Play two popular selfie apps for Android that record audio clandestinely and install adware on your mobile. We tell you what they are, how they work and everything you need to know.  We always recommend that you download applications from official stores to prevent your device from becoming infected […]


This is the most serious security mistake we make every day, according to a professional hacker

We spend a lot of time learning and implementing security measures to protect our devices. But according to a professional hacker, there is a serious security mistake that most people make every day. Etay Maor is a security expert who works for IBM Security. His job is to dive into the Dark Web to study cybercriminal tactics and learn how cybercriminals […]


How to see all the information that Facebook knows about you when visiting other pages

Thanks to the new Facebook privacy tool, you will be able to know all the information that other pages have collected about you and that they have provided to the social network. Companies regularly share data about user interactions on websites, and then these data are shared with as many third parties, such as Facebook. This explains […]


“Clear history” the Facebook privacy tool that actually doesn’t erase anything

A year after Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at the F8 conference in 2018 to announce the development of a tool that would erase the browsing history of Facebook, the company has something concrete to show, although, in reality, this tool does not erase anything. The new Facebook privacy feature will allow users to unlink their activity from […]