2 ways to reset your Windows 10 password if you have forgotten it

If you are looking to reset your Windows 10 password if you have forgotten it, we give you all the methods that exist below so that you can re-enter the account.

When we set up Windows 10 start we are given a username and password that we must enter (and remember) so that we can log in from that moment. The problem is that for some reason we may not remember the password, with the impossibility of being able to enter our computer with Windows 10.

This is a nuisance, but there are several methods to recover the password in Windows 10 if we have forgotten it, although that will depend on the type of login you have chosen in the initial configuration.

1. If we access through a local user account

If you have chosen to access through the local user account, that is, one that does not depend on a particular email, this is your case. And if so, and you have forgotten the password, get ready because it is more complicated to recover.

In this case, it requires that you have previously created a password reset disk to allow you to restore access in case you forget it.

If you do not have a password reset disk you will have to make a complete recovery to the original factory conditions of the equipment, which would end up losing all the data.

The previous recommendation is that you access Windows 10 settings, then accounts, and in the left area click on “login options”. In them you will have all the logins that you can make on this computer, recommending you better the “password”.

Once you enter the password you can include a series of security responses that the team will ask if you have forgotten the password. Choose the right ones, put a completely true answer, and if in the future you lose or forget your password, you can recover it by answering any of these questions.

2. If we access through a Microsoft account

  • This case would be much easier to recover or change the password since all we would have to do is access the password recovery page of your Microsoft account on this page. You would have to do it on another device with an internet connection, such as a mobile phone.
  • Enter the information requested and that is associated with your Microsoft account
  • They will send you a code to the mobile phone or if we don’t have it, an email with a code to the secondary email.
  • And by entering it we can change the password to a new one to be able to enter our Windows 10 computer again.

The problem could be that you did not have any additional telephone or email associated. In that case, Microsoft will ask you other questions regarding the last password you remember to verify if you are really the user.

With this, you already know how to recover the Windows 10 password if you have forgotten it.



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