The best antivirus for your PC is one that is already installed as standard on Windows

As technology spreads throughout society, it is increasingly dangerous not to have a good antivirus system. Most people already have a computer at home, but what is the best way to be protected against an attack? Currently, there is a wide range of antivirus programs that keep our devices safe, which many of us depend on to work and, […]


10 things you play with every day and are dirtier than the toilet (and your mobile is one of them)

Germs, there are as many urban legends that are ignorant about them. While a strong and healthy immune system is prepared for us to be in contact with them without experiencing health problems, it is also important to wash our hands frequently, especially after touching objects that are authentic microbe magnets and which we review […]


The dark mode is not as good for your eyesight as previously thought

The dark mode is one of the new internet trends, almost all applications are adapting their interfaces to this darker style. Users demand this change promoted by the different advantages that this design supposedly brings.  From Apple to all Google applications, through social networks like Twitter, developers strive to adapt their applications and websites with a darker background that […]


Now they can predict your personality using your phone’s sensors

Some Researchers can now predict and know our personality based on the information collected by our mobile phones, and this would be based on data from different accelerometers. Scientists at the RMIT University of Australia report having mapped 5 personality traits into common behaviors that can be detected through a telephone. And it is that nevertheless, the scientists […]