Microsoft joins the list of companies that spy on our conversations

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Facebook and now Cortana, technology companies are listening, recording and transcribing the conversations we have near their devices to improve their intelligent systems.  One by one they have been recognizing this invasion of privacy as they have been publicly accused from the main international media. The last one has been Microsoft that has included a section warning […]


The latest version of Chrome will prevent anyone from knowing that you browse incognito

The incognito mode took a while without being what it should be. Some websites had found a way to detect those users who accessed through incognito mode to their content and prevent them from continuing browsing unless they deactivated it.  Google was aware of this problem and has decided to remedy it. The next version of Google Chrome will […]


Cockroaches are becoming invincible and resist several insecticides

Cockroaches are becoming invincible, literally. This is what a study by researchers from the University of Purdue (United States) published in the prestigious journal Nature and collected by the newspaper ABC, shows. According to this publication, the scoops, which far outnumber human beings living on Earth, are beginning to become resistant to almost all the chemical insecticides that have been […]