Discover how a mobile phone can make your life much easier

Mobile phones have become essential accessories in our lives. Why not use one that really makes your life easier? The LG G8 Smart Green is a versatile and sustainable option that allows you to take control of your smartphone without touching the screen.

This function is possible thanks to the latest camera and sensor technology that is integrated into the LG G8 Smart Green, which makes it one of the most innovative smartphones of the moment.

Discover the five characteristics that will make your life easier the phone that has helped reforest 1.5 million trees.

Z camera, the camera that understands what you photograph

The LG G8 Smart Green incorporates the latest in photography to destroy your portraits and selfies in social networks thanks to the combination of its ToF sensor, infrared sensor and artificial intelligence this smartphone can analyze the scenes more accurately.

This combination of sensors so what LG has called Z camera. The ToF (Time Of Flight) sensor built into this camera uses infrared technology to create a 3D representation of the scene, while artificial intelligence determines which areas should be blurred and which ones remain focused.

In this way, the system recognizes the objects and their position in the scene, improving the focus and depth of the photo. With this data, the user can change variables such as lighting or background blur to obtain a better quality image without complicating life.

All the power in your hands: use your mobile phone without touching it

Do you like to follow cooking recipes on your favorite YouTube channel? With the Air Motion technology integrated into the front camera of the LG G8 Smart Green, you will not stain your smartphone again while cooking.

Air Motion uses the ToF sensor on the front of the LG G8 Smart Green to recognize the gestures of your hand in real-time and react by executing a series of actions that will not be necessary to use the touch panel.

You just have to place your hand in front of your mobile and close your fingers to start gesture control and use the LG G8 Smart Green without having to touch it with stained hands.

With Air Motion, you will have access to the playback, volume controls or answers those calls that you always receive at the most inopportune moment.

More creative compositions with 5 cameras

Having a greater variety of cameras with different focal points will allow you to carry out more creative compositions by being able to adopt different points of view using a single device.

The LG G8 Smart Green comes equipped with a triple rear camera with wide-angle, telephoto and standard focal points. Each offers a different setting, providing greater versatility to your photos.

The LG G8 Smart Green has a triple rear camera configuration consisting of a 78º main lens with f / 1.8 apertures and a 12 megapixel sensor, a 136˚ Super wide-angle focal length with f / 2.4 apertures and a sensor 13 mpx and is finished off with a 47.7º telephoto lens with f / 2.6 apertures and a 12 megapixel sensor. Each of them offers a different visual angle and, therefore, a different perspective.

With the Triple Preview function, you will get a simultaneous preview of how your photo would look with each of the cameras before shooting. Just frame the photo and decide which focal point best suits your photo.

For its part, with the Triple Shot function, you can take a photo with each camera simultaneously, and choose later which one you like more or combine them all in a composition of your photos or in a GIF.

In addition, the selfies are enhanced thanks to its 80º front camera with f / 1.9 aperture and 8 megapixels. Supported by the ToF sensor on the front camera of the LG G8 smart Green. Your selfies will charge a new dimension gaining in quality and depth. With the LG G8 Smart Green, everything is easier when taking your pictures.

Multimedia in the palm of your hand

One of the advantages of always taking your mobile with you is that you can take advantage of any time to catch up with your favorite Netflix series.

With this device, you have a more immersive visual experience thanks to the quality provided by its 6.21-inch FullVision OLED screen that offers more accurate images and with more contrasting colors.

In addition, the DTS X 3D sound will make you feel as if you were in a movie theater with its high-quality surround sound tuned by Meridian integrated into the LG G8 Smart Green you will get the best sound experience when watching your favorite series or movies or when executing the latest games.

Improve your life by improving your future

LG reaffirms its commitment to the planet by driving the Smart Green challenge for 2019 with initiatives that contribute to achieving a sustainable balance in the emission of CO 2.

This challenge is to reforest 1.5 million trees that were lost in the fire that devastated the Alcoroches Natural Park in Guadalajara, one of the largest natural disasters in the recent history of the world.

The LG G8 Smart Green has earned its name for being one of the key tools used in that reforestation.

In the reforestation process, drones are used in which units of the LG G8 Smart Green are mounted to fly over the affected area. The artificial intelligence integrated in the processor of the LG G8 Smart Green analyzes the most inaccessible areas that fly over and releases some intelligent seeds that will finally germinate giving rise to the natural site that once was.

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