Facebook: They now spy on Messenger voice messages

The most famous social network still does not recover that image of a company that respects the privacy of its users. Although some time ago the most important scandal that has starred in Facebook, that of Cambridge Analytica, the company of Mark Zuckerberg continues to carry out in many practices that invade that privacy. 

The last test to come to light and that does not leave the Internet giant in a very good place says that Facebook has been spying on the conversations of its users through the voice messages of Messenger, its messaging application. 

According to Bloomberg, Facebook would have hired outside companies to listen to those private audios of hundreds of people. But the most disturbing thing is that the employees of these companies themselves say they don’t know the reason for these listeners or the final destination of those transcripts they made with the conversations they heard in the messages. 

Bloomberg sources have asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing their job, which was to transcribe the audios that passed them without giving them more information of where they had been obtained and for what purpose they were being heard, although it was evident that these were private conversations, some of the sexual content. 

Facebook, meanwhile, defends itself by claiming that it is a program to improve its artificial intelligence system. Like Apple, Google and Amazon, the social network uses the transcripts of these audios to teach and train your AI so that it is increasingly able to understand and understand any conversation and order. 

Also, like the other greats of technology, Facebook had not informed its users that their personal messages could reach other people and, therefore, cease to be private. It only mentions in its data usage policy that it can collect user information, but without specifying that it is the voice clips.

Google, Apple, Amazon, all spy on us

As we said, other technology companies with their own artificial intelligence systems, virtual assistants and smart speakers have been immersed in similar scandals. In the last month, it was pointed to Google and Apple, but before it had been Amazon the one accused of this invasion.

As they indicate from Facebook, these listeners and transcriptions would have ceased weeks ago in the wake of the scandal of Apple and Google, so right now they would not be spying on the messages, but without confirming that in the future they cannot return to that dynamic or that they also use WhatsApp and Instagram voice audios, applications you own. 

Apple and Google have resorted to the same solution of stopping at the moment and assessing options such as the one Amazon has taken to inform its users and give them the option of not participating in the process. 

The need for conversation audios to be able to instruct artificial intelligence systems is not enough excuse to use personal conversations, much less without the authorization of the users themselves.

There is always the option to create these audios themselves to improve technology and not need to invade the privacy of others, especially with the bad reputation that Facebook is reaping this past year and after being fined by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States (FTC) for these privacy scandals.


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