Good News! 3 steps on how to stop users from adding you to WhatsApp groups

Thanks to the new privacy settings for groups in WhatsApp for Android, you will have more freedom to decide who can add you to certain groups, one of the blues of the application.

Long ago, it was a nightmare to have to be rejecting invitations to join different groups and that came from contacts of the application, and thanks to that WhatsApp included a series of privacy settings that have just been updated in the new version.

Well, this week if you update WhatsApp, you will see new privacy options in regards to people who may or may not invite you to groups.

In this way, you must go to “settings or settings” in your WhatsApp application, then touch “account”, then go to “privacy” and finally to “groups”.

There we will have these three options:

  • Everyone: which means that anyone can add you to a group
  • My Contacts: This means that only the people you have in your contact book can add you.
  • My contacts, except that, means that all your contacts except some, in particular, you can add to the groups.

The change comes with the last option, which did not exist before, and which replaces the “nobody” option.

In this way, we can choose that within our address book we can invite all but a series of people that we think are perhaps somewhat heavier in regards to the invitation to groups.

In any case, even if there are people who cannot add you to the groups, you can receive a private invitation from them through an individual chat where you can choose whether or not to join the group. This invitation will have an expiration date of three days.

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