How to see all the information that Facebook knows about you when visiting other pages

Thanks to the new Facebook privacy tool, you will be able to know all the information that other pages have collected about you and that they have provided to the social network.

Companies regularly share data about user interactions on websites, and then these data are shared with as many third parties, such as Facebook. This explains that you have visited a website related to travel to Italy, and then on Facebook itself, an ad about Rome has appeared. It is a very common practice on the Internet, and it has nothing to do with being spied on by the microphone or the webcam.

It is an effort by Facebook to be more transparent, they are preparing to release a privacy tool with which you will be able to know, in one place, all the websites that have shared information about you with Facebook. Named Activity outside of Facebook, this function allows you to see a summary of the applications and websites that send information about your activity to the social network, allowing you to delete it if you wish.

What can we see in Activity outside of Facebook

  • You can see a summary of information that other applications and websites have sent to Facebook through online commercial tools.
  • Disconnect this account information.
  • Permanently disable any future monitoring and activity outside of Facebook. You can do it in its entirety, or only for specific applications and websites.

Consequences if you delete the activity outside of Facebook

If you consider it appropriate, you can delete all your identifying information that applications and other websites have sent to Facebook. In this way the social network will not know what websites you have visited, and therefore will not be aware of your latest searches or interactions, with which you will no longer receive personalized advertising.

How to access the activity function outside of Facebook

At the time of writing this news is not yet available, although the social network has indicated that it will first reach certain countries in a staggered manner, among which is Spain. It is quite likely that during the next few days you have the option enabled.

As soon as it is available, simply go to “Settings”, then “Your Facebook information”, and finally to the option “Activity outside Facebook”.

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