How to stay without WhatsApp forever from December

December 7, WhatsApp will change its conditions policy and will begin taking measures against those who use their social network perniciously. According to its statement, will take “legal action” against people who send “automated or massive messages, or make a non-personal use” of the application.

In addition to its problems with the fake news and the mass message sending that has already been limited, we must take into account that WhatsApp works in that the application has a more commercial look in the future and serves to buy, so it must also Take measures so that it does not become a social network saturated with spam.

But what is WhatsApp referring to with this notice?  What conditions will be taken as incompatible with the application? In this article we will list the actions that could cause the suspension or disqualification of the account to prevent problems.

When studying the conditions of use WhatsApp has, there are several basic conditions that may cause the cancellation of the account:

  • Submission of written or visual content that violates the terms of copyright, privacy, right to property and similar conditions.
  • Content that promotes or encourages illegal behaviors such as threats, defamation, harassment, violence, support for crimes …
  • Sending fake news, misstatements, falsehoods …
  • Impersonation of another person.
  • Massive or automatic messaging.
  • Conduct with the aim of damaging WhatsApp, its services and other users directly or indirectly.
  • Numerous hacker techniques, sending viruses, spying, gathering information from other users, commercializing functions or data of the application and its services, creating applications that copy WhatsApp, etc.
  • Do not warn of security problems in the WhatsApp services or the account.
  • Non-personal use of services without WhatsApp giving their permission.

As you can see, some of the terms give the doubt or are too open, but in general it could be summarized that behaviors that go beyond the usual messaging and the use of the application that is normally done are prohibited.

In any case, all conditions of use will surely become clearer still as the dates approach. And it is even likely that they will change, it becomes difficult to know how WhatsApp will be from here until the end of the year.

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  1. But I don’t think I can ever stop using whatsapp. It has been circulating over the internet, especially on Twitter in the past few days that Whatsapp was down. But I never experienced it.

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