iPhone: No more black market batteries

Today the controversy focuses on the error message that will appear permanently on the iPhone to which the battery is replaced in a technical service outside Apple.

Only a few days ago it was rumored that Apple would block those terminals that would not be repaired in its official technical service. The reality is that the iPhone will continue to work, but will permanently display an error message in the Health section of the battery. 

This error message is not related to the fact that the battery is official or not, but to the fact that the battery replacement is carried out by Apple technical personnel and not by a third-party technical service, even if it is mounted an official Apple battery. Even in that case, once the iPhone is turned on after replacing the damaged battery with an Apple original, the iPhone will continue to display an error message in the Battery Health section.

Apple has issued a statement on this controversy: “We take the safety of our customers very seriously and we want to make sure that the battery replacement is done correctly. There are now more than 1,800 authorized Apple service providers in the US. UU., So our customers can have access to quality repairs more comfortably. Last year we introduced a new feature to notify customers that we have been able to verify that a certified technician installed a new and genuine battery after Apple’s repair processes. This information is there to help protect our customers from damaged, low quality or used batteries that can lead to safety or performance issues. This notification does not affect the customer’s ability to use the phone after unauthorized repair. ”

Therefore, even if the error message appears in the battery menu, the customer can use the smartphone normally, living with the error message and with the lack of information about the actual state of the battery.

The reason why this error message appears when replacing the iPhone battery in an unofficial center, even if a legitimate component is mounted, is the presence of a microcontroller in the battery that must be synchronized with the iPhone.

This operation can only be carried out in the official Apple service, so until this synchronization of both components occurs, the error message will remain there.

Assuming that Apple’s intention is legitimate, its execution is not at all, since it is forcing users to use its official technical service, with the extra costs that this implies and even installing official Apple components, in exchange for obtaining updated and real information about the state of your battery.

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