Microsoft word: The new templates that you can download for free

When you put yourself in front of the computer to make a resume, design an invoice as a freelancer or create an agenda or planner to have everything signed up and not miss any important event, many times you stay blank or do not have the necessary skills to create a template that Be functional, practical and beautiful.

If that happens to you, calm down: Word offers hundreds of free templates with frankly good designs so you only have to erase the fake text that comes from the base and fill it with your own content. 

You can find hundreds of possibilities on this page of Microsoft and surely any of them fits perfectly to what you are looking for at that time.

You have templates for resumes, calendars, planners, agendas, cards or invoices, among many others. 

These are the best templates you can find in Word for free.

1. Curriculum Vitae

The best tool you have to call you for an interview is the curriculum. It is your letter of introduction and must be really careful to get the attention of the human resources team of the company where you want to enter. These free Word templates that already have a base design so that you only include your photo and change the data we found the best. 

2. Calendars

Having the days under control is essential above all to better plan the tasks we have in the long term or to record important events that we have during the year. These free Word templates are the ones we liked the most: 

3. Invoices

Invoices and freelancers always go hand in hand and if you just did freelance, you don’t even know what you have to put. These templates have all the necessary fields and, best of all, the integrated formulas so that you only have to enter the amount and the IRPF or VAT reductions. 

4. Flyers

When you plan to have a party, organize an event or distribute flyers that attract attention, it is usual to go to a creative team to do the design. However, if you have budget limitations or it is something to walk around at home you can always opt for one of the free Word templates. Here you have some idea to look for inspiration. 

If none of the proposals convinces you, you have many more designs in this section

5. Triptychs

Another of the things you can get with these free Word templates are informative leaflets where you can include whatever you want. They are elegant, creative and serve to make clear in a few words and with a fantastic visual finish some points of what you want to convey. These are our favorites. As always, there is more in this section

6. Newsletters

You still think that newsletters that are sent by mail to your subscribers can only be created with HTML code, but that is not the case. There are many tools that allow you to upload Word templates so you can edit it at your leisure without having to have a programmer. They exist for any type of business, but these are our favorites. 

7. Agendas

You may have to print the planning of the day and create a design so that it is not a simple Word takes more time than necessary, but it is essential that it has a certain visual finish. These free Office templates can also give you a cable to get out of the way and also enjoy a good finish. 

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