The elephant effect: the danger you face if you don’t wear the seat belt

We all know that putting on a seat belt is mandatory. And more than that, common sense, right? Even more so if we consider what is known as the elephant effect, two words that in principle will sound like Chinese but that more than one of you has been at risk of suffering more than once.

How many times have we heard the passengers behind a car who don’t want to wear a seat belt? No matter how short the journey, since the accident may be waiting for us around the corner.

In the event that we suffer a collision, this security method will be the one that can make the difference between a scare and a misfortune.

So what is the elephant effect? If any of the rear passengers do not wear a seat belt and a collision occurs – sometimes even with sudden braking, its body will be shot towards the front seats with such violence that the weight, depending on the vehicle and the speed of circulation can be equivalent to that of a pachyderm.

Several studies indicate that, at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the impact of a person of 75 kilograms against the front seat can amount to a force of nothing more and nothing less than 4.2 tons.

In the event that this occurs, the damage caused by the beating of both the protagonist of the car and, possibly, the rest of the occupants of the car, can be fatal.

It goes without saying that the solution is more than simple. In each and every one of your trips by car, the occupants of the car must use the seat belt. They occupy the square they occupy and they are the meters that are those that are going to cross. As always, prevention is better than cure.

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