These are the news of the new Android Auto, and they come for everyone

The new version of Android Auto begins to launch for all compatible cars, and among its novelties are important design changes, a dark theme, and better multimedia controls.

Google has just announced that from now on this new version of Android Auto becomes available, an update that was already announced last May and has not been until now when it starts to be deployed.

Since its original launch, Android Auto is already compatible with more than 500 vehicle models from 50 different brands, and with this latest update, a step forward has been taken.

The new Android Auto interface is designed to help the driver by showing more useful information at a glance while simplifying common tasks while driving.

With the new application indicator, you will be able to find your favorite applications by giving fewer touches on the screen. Simply press the lower-left button to open the application launcher and you will find those that you have recently used as a shortcut. This way you will be less distracted and can do the common actions with fewer touches on the screen.

Now Google Assistant has a greater presence since we will see a small circular icon in the lower right of some applications. If this appears, when pressed, we will be offered additional information regarding that application. In this case, if it were the calendar application, we would be given a quick time report and the reminders would also be read to us.

Another very interesting function is that we can continue the tasks where we leave them. So if we have a song in the middle, when we run the application again we will continue where we left it.

We will have a new notification center, where there will also be recent calls, messages and all kinds of alerts.

When it comes to design, the Android Auto color palette can now be combined with the interior of the car. And is that Google has included the defendant dark theme, along with greater shades of colors and easier to read fonts.

Finally, if you have a vehicle with a wider screen, Android Auto will maximize the screen to show much more information. This additional space will be used for step-by-step navigation, playback controls, and ongoing calls.

If you have a vehicle compatible with Android Auto, the update could reach you over the next few days.

[Source: google ]



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