These selfie apps for Android record audio and infect you with adware

The cybersecurity company Wandera has detected in Google Play two popular selfie apps for Android that record audio clandestinely and install adware on your mobile. We tell you what they are, how they work and everything you need to know. 

We always recommend that you download applications from official stores to prevent your device from becoming infected with malware. However, official stores are also not free of threats, and in many cases, malicious apps sneak in to avoid security measures. 

This is what, once again, has happened on Google Play. The official store housed two apps of filters for selfies that did not do what they promised, but installed annoying adware on the victims’ mobile, and was also able to record audio. Together they accumulated a total of 1.5 million downloads, so they have managed to infect a large number of users.

These applications are called Sun Pro Beauty Camera, with over a million downloads on Google Play, and Funny Sweet Beauty SelfieCamera, with more than half a million downloads.

Wandera researchers discovered that, after installation, the app icon is visible in the app drawer, but once opened a shortcut is created and then the icon disappears. After doing this, even if the shortcut is removed, the app continues to run in the background.

After installing them on the mobile, annoying full-screen ads will begin to appear, because, among the permissions requested, there is one that allows you to display content on another app. But not only that: both ask for permission to record audio through the microphone at any time without user confirmation, so in addition to showing you advertising, they also spy on you. 

Following the announcement of the Wandera research team, Google has removed malicious applications from the Play Store. However, if you have fallen into the trap and installed them, it is best that you go to the Applications section of the Android menu and delete them from there.

[Source: Wandera ]

[Via: Bleeping Computer ]

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