This copy of Windows is not original: what to do if this message appears

If you just bought a computer – whether new or used – and when you go to use it you find this message, we are sorry to give you bad news, but you are in trouble. The version of Windows that you have been sold with the computer is false and can bring you many dislikes. 

If we buy the devices in large stores with the appropriate certification we should not have these problems, but sometimes we find discounts or offers in other ways that are not the most appropriate. There has even been the case of going to repair the laptop and install a pirated version of Windows. 

There are many inconveniences that arise from an illegal installation of this type, in case at any time you have considered trying to save money by not buying an original Windows license. 

To start these illegal versions, at best, they assume that Microsoft remotely blocks some functions and tools of the operating system, so we miss much of the user experience. 

And in the worst case, if we turn to pirate activators you will have a very high probability of finding yourself face to face with malware that prevents you from continuing to use that computer and, almost certainly will try to steal data from you from that device.

You may have been scammed when formatting

Now, if you have already encountered this problem, you have a few options. The first is to report to the store or person that sold you that PC or installed that pirated version. 

You are practical, it should not be said, they are completely illegal, especially if you have not been asked for permission to first format the computer and install an illegal version. Therefore, it is important to always keep the emails and invoices of those purchases online or in a physical store, so it can happen, even if it is a second-hand purchase between individuals. 

There are many forms available on the internet for you to use as a legal document that certifies that purchase and in case there is a problem you can demand that your money be returned. 

You can activate the license by buying it online

The second option to consider is to try to eliminate the illegal system from the computer, formatting it ourselves or asking for help from another computer store that inspires us more confidence and buy an original Windows license.

You have all current versions of Windows 10 available on the Microsoft page. From the simplest, it will cost you about 100 euros, to the one dedicated to professionals. They will allow you to access all the functions of Microsoft with total security, it will even protect your computer from possible attacks.

You can buy another laptop with a Windows license

And thirdly, you will have to buy a new laptop that includes a certified original Windows 10. Currently you can find very good PCs in the market, but first, make sure that you do not fall back into the clutches of the many scammers and hackers that are in the network. 



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