This is the most serious security mistake we make every day, according to a professional hacker

We spend a lot of time learning and implementing security measures to protect our devices. But according to a professional hacker, there is a serious security mistake that most people make every day.

Etay Maor is a security expert who works for IBM Security. His job is to dive into the Dark Web to study cybercriminal tactics and learn how cybercriminals act, with the aim of stopping them.

This expert hacker explains in Business Insider that there is a security error that most people make every day, even those who care about these issues and keep their devices up to date and use robust passwords: we share too much information publicly.

Etay Maor explains it with a simple example: most of us use the name of our pet or the birthplace of our parents as a security question to retrieve the password for an account. And then we post on social networks photos and videos entitled ” Here I am, with my pet Pelusita ” or ” I am spending the weekend in Medina del Campo, the town of my parents .”

A cyber-criminal who wants to steal our account simply needs to take a look at our public Facebook wall, without needing to hack anything, to discover the answers to the security question.

Another very common mistake is to provide too much data to Internet apps and services. To create an account they ask us to fill in a form with data that sometimes they do not need for the service they provide.

Etay Maor gives as an example a private clinic to which he went, asking him for the Social Security number. The expert left it blank, and yet the clinic attended him without problems because it is a fact that they do not need.

If we do not provide unnecessary data we will avoid problems such as the recent  Capital One hacking that affected 106 million people in the United States, revealing personal data, addresses, telephone numbers, and Social Security data of 140,000 credit card customers, as well as the data of bank accounts of 80,000 customers.

These are very simple tips to apply: do not publish personal data on social networks that you later use in your security codes. And do not reveal unnecessary data to Internet services.

 [Source: Business Insider ]

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