This will be the new WhatsApp that will arrive in September

That WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application worldwide is evidence. That its design has been stagnant for several years and with virtually no notable changes it is also. Perhaps that is why it has just been leaked that the company is thinking of turning this situation around with a redesign after the summer.

It has been published by the Twitter account that usually advances all the news of WhatsApp, WABetainfo, which indicates that in September we will finally have the expected dark mode for this application, a change that has been in development for almost a year and that will be released soon.

In addition, he points out that the dark mode of WhatsApp will reach exclusively mobile phones with iOS 13, at least at first. Then it is likely to reach Android, but the test phase would be limited to what iPhones are compatible with the next update of Apple’s operating system.

Less white, more gray and black: giving love to OLED screens

At the moment there are no images of how the dark mode of WhatsApp will be, and surely its development has not yet been completed.

Perhaps the reason is iOS 13 the first OS release this dark mode is on the screens OLED, the panel type fitted to all iPhones from the iPhone X. This technology makes the black color reflect by turning off the pixel and not simulating it, hence the color is much more real, in addition to saving battery.

Obviously, the dark mode impresses much more on an OLED or AMOLED screen, so the way to ensure that everything goes well at first is to make it available only to an operating system with a high percentage of OLED panels, something that does not It would happen on Android, for example.

It is a motive, although neither is it particularly solid. There are currently hundreds of applications that already have a dark mode in all operating systems, starting with Telegram, which even allows you to customize the default color palette for your chats.

WhatsApp is late, but at least it finally comes to the dark issue that right now all systems encourage for several reasons, and not just to take advantage of the new panels. Also for taking care of the eyes in dark environments and for saving battery as much as possible.



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