We will be allowed to use WhatsApp at the same time on several devices

Apparently, WhatsApp will release a future version through which we will be allowed to use the application on several devices at the same time, something that is not possible right now.

One of the main problems that WhatsApp has is that is linked to a single phone and device number, it cannot work at the same time on another phone or tablet, which is a nuisance if we are one of those who pass from one terminal to another throughout the day for work or leisure reasons.

Although a few hours ago we told you that Facebook could be working on a new WhatsApp application for a computer that will not require to be connected to the Internet from our main device, it also seems that they are thinking of launching a multiplatform version that allows us to use WhatsApp at the same time in several terminals.

Now it is Wabetainfo itself that advances, although it cannot confirm it with images, that WhatsApp is working on a multiplatform system that will allow us to use WhatsApp on several phones at the same time without having to exit or uninstall the application of the original terminal.

In this case, the messages would not be stored on the server but would be stored in the terminal itself through synchronization where all the devices that are currently using the same account would appear.

This would cause the end-to-end encryption of the application to also improve so that it is more secure by allowing several devices connected to the same account, so it does not seem to be a novelty that will arrive in the short term since it would require certain changes of structure in the application.

[Source: wabetainfo ]



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