What can happen if you charge your mobile with a charger that is not yours?

We do not always find a mobile charger. Most likely, you are one of those people who at least one day a week has a good time looking for it. But if we don’t find it and we have another charger on hand, does something happen? Can we spoil the mobile or the battery?

Fortunately, the phones are provided at the factory to avoid the damage that this kind of action can cause. After all, most chargers share the same type of connection and we can also make mistakes. So the phone identifies at the moment if the charger is the same amperage or different.

Beyond the connection, the chargers have a different power depending on whether they are of one model or another, different brands or also of another type of device, such as a tablet. Similarly, generic chargers come with different characteristics. Typically, the mobile identifies if you have connected the official charger, to call it in some way, or another one.

In case of detecting any variation on the type of power it should have, what the phone does is choose the minimum charge values. Charging will begin, but it will take longer to load. Although once loaded the operation will be the same.

The phones are not damaged when connecting different chargers and there are many who use others or share with someone who has another phone the charger because we have lost it or because we have numerous different chargers. All this without the phone or its battery being damaged.

Therefore, if the phone is charged with a charger that is not yours, what happens is that it will charge slower, nothing more. The phones are already prepared for these situations.

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