Your phone is waterproof, but should you submerge it? Probably not

The IP68 certification for mobile phones is increasingly found in more models and is often sold as a waterproof device that we could immerse, but to what extent is this true?

To start if your mobile has the IP68 certificate indicates that this smartphone is resistant to dust and dirt, even without a case and that it can be submerged at 1 meter deep for a maximum of half an hour , but still the brands do not cover the damage if the mobile was in contact with the water. 

It may seem like a scam, but in part it makes sense and manufacturers cover their backs to the multitude of possibilities that could cause damage to the mobile if it gets into the water. Let’s see why this happens and why it is not a good idea to submerge the mobile. 

Although our terminal has the IP68 certificate, this only implies that it is more resistant than the rest of mobiles, but when submerged, although we have simply dropped a second in the sink, a blow that has not left a mark may have damaged the seal that protects the interior so that no water enters. 

If the manufacturer detects that the mobile has been in contact with the water, it has no way of verifying that you simply submerged it a meter and the protection failed for another reason, or if on the contrary, you went diving with it. 

Yes, phones with IP68 are designed to resist a meter deep for half an hour but if you do it is your responsibility because if something fails, the brand will not help you repair the damage.

No saltwater

On the other hand, the water in which this type of mobile phone can be submerged is very special, it cannot be salted. Seawater salt is a great corrosive that spoils the materials of these devices until they are destroyed. Chlorine can also be a problem, but to a lesser extent, it would require that the water is at very high temperatures that you and your bath could not bathe.  

So you know, the water the farther from your smartphone the better, even if it was a small accident or you just bought your mobile, the risk is too great to try using it in the shower or scrubbing in the kitchen.

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